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Exhaust Thermal Insulation

Our insulation materials distinguish themselves through their high vibration and heat resistance, long service life and, in particular, their wear resistance. When it comes to our thermal insulation materials, one of our primary strength is developing custom-designed and customer-specific products and solutions for any and all sectors and areas of application that involve thermal stress – including the automotive sector. Just give us your specifications, we will do the rest!

Turbocharger Insulation

The market share of high-performance engines, both diesel and petrol, that feature state-of-the-art turbocharger is increasing, and we know that turbocharger body can easily reach temperature of over 800 °C. Turbochargers must be insulated to prevent them from driving up temperature in the engine compartment and to protect surrounding components. Our turbo insulation is designed and produced specifically to fit on your turbochargers from temperature between 750-1100 °C.

Industrial Insulation

Our industrial insulation can reduce both ambient temperature and heat loss (consumption of energy) using by machines and equipment operating in your factory. Most of them are produced from high-quality E-Glass fiber (98% purity, diameter of filament is 7-13 micron – DIN 53811) needled mechanically by mean of a modern production method without addition of binders. Besides variable of thickness, they are also available with or without lamination of aluminium and stainless steel foil.

Laminated Thermal Insulation

Our thermal insulation is also available with aluminium foil or stainless steel foil lamination, either 1-side or 2-side. The lamination is necessary for some applications that need the properties of heat reflection, chemical resistant, easy cleaning, and workability to apply insulation onto some surfaces. Customers can also apply this kind of insulation by themselves, using aluminium tape, for simplified equipment or machines in their own facilities – contact our technicians for more detail.

Other Thermal Insulation‏

• Needle stitch-bonded mats
• Molded parts as 3D parts and tubular sleeves
• Stamped parts
• Custom built products
• Stuffing fibers
• Fiber boards