• one-sided/two-sided coating with silicone rubber with high load capacity even under extreme mechanical,
thermal and electrical influences
• good light, UV, and oxidation resistance
• considerable resistance to acids and alkaline solutions, weatherproof
• good dirt-and oil-repellent effect, good electrical insulation

Types of silicone rubber
Standard silicone
• temperature resistance from approx. -50 °C to approx. +250 °C with excellent flexibility
• different color settings possible

• one-sided coating using the transfer process
• surface: closed or uniform, mat or glossy, smooth or structured

High-temperature silicone
• improved temperature resistance from approx. -50 °C to approx. +300 °C
• short term (1 hour) to approx. +350 °C
• different color settings possible

• Silicone rubber topcoat with dry, soft touch for improved fabrication characteristics