The HKO product portfolio of technical textiles ranges from narrow textiles, fabrics, needle mats,
3-D molded components to textile special solutions. Broad-based and innovative solutions for thermal treatment,
coating and lamination are the spearhead of the outcome of our R&D and the guarantee for the technological market
leadership of the HKO group.

You can safely trust the HKO product spectrum for temperature ranges of 350 °C to approx. 1,600 °C

• Hakamid®, Hakanit®
Hakamid® and Hakanit® products are manufactured from Aramid fibers: they can also be supplied with different blends,
service temperature is 350 °C.

• Thermo E-Glass
E-glass is the high quality manufacturing base for the Thermo E-glass products of the HKO Heat Protection Group. It is distinguished by its high thermal strength and excellent electrical insulating property, service temperature is 550-600 °C.

• Hakotherm®-800, Silontex®
These products of the HKO Heat Protection Group are made of calcium-silicate fibers and possess a filament diameter
above 6 micron, They offer excellent protection against fluid metals and metal splurges in the light and heavy
metal industry, service temperature is 750 °C.

• Hakotherm®-1200, Silicatherm®
Hakotherm®-1200 and Silicattherm® products are made of silicon fibers. They are manufactured from endless yarns
having a filament diameter above 6 micron, service temperature is 1,000 °C.

• Silicatex®
Silicatex® product line is based on a silicate fiber with a high degree of purity (SiO2 content approx. 98.9%). Due to their
high sustained temperature resistance, Silicatex® products offer excellent protection against fluid metal splurges and burning cinders, service temperature is 1,200 °C.