Heat-Protection Fabrics

• High-temperature-treatment fabrics
• Anti-static fabrics
• Fray-resistant fabrics
• Special-coated fabrics
• Vermiculite-coated silica fabrics

Waterproof-Coated Fabrics

• PTFE-coated fabrics
• PTFE-anti-static fabrics
• Standard-silicone-coated fabrics
• Transfer-silicone-coated fabrics
• High-temperature-silicone-coated fabrics
• Oleophobic fabrics

Foil Laminated Fabrics

• Aluminium foil laminated fabrics
• Stainless steel foil laminated fabrics
• Aluminium-pigmented transfer foil on fabrics
• Polyester foil laminated fabrics
• Self-adhesive coated fabrics

Abbrasive-Resistant Fabrics

• Hakamid® fabrics
• Hakamid® knitted fabrics
• Fabrics with G-Tec/ G-Tec Ultra
• Fabrics with AR/F1000 treatment
• Fabrics with V4A wire reinforcement
• Fabrics with Alufix, G1/G2, W1/W2 treatment

Loomstate Fabrics

We have more than 30 kinds of heat-protection fabrics to serve unique demands of our worldwide customers. In our high-tech laboratories, chemists, textile engineers and technicians work with knowhow and passion on high-temperature fabrics. We’re also able to adjust our plain fabrics to any work conditions such as amendments and type approval regulations. In the HKO laboratories, our fabrics are subjected to continuous and thorough quality inspections, so you can trust the experts!