Newtech Insulation Co., Ltd.

is exclusive agent and distributor of HKO Germany for heat-protection fabric, high-temperature insulation, webbing, rope, packing and gasket in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, and Philippines. Our heat-protection products are widely used for; • Thermal insulation for power plants, oil refinery, and steel mill • Soundproof insulation for factories and buildings • Heatproof fabric for fabrication of fabric expansion joints • Heat-protection fabric for fabrication of removable jackets • Fireproof fabric for welding blankets • Aluminized aramid fabric for fabrication of heat-reflective gloves • Various kinds of aramid fabric for firefighting suits • Heat-resistant rope, packing, webbing and yarn • Heatproof sleeves and tubes • Aramid pneumatic webbing for conveying channels • Aramid sewing thread with steel wire reinforced • Stuffing fiber and molded parts for exhaust system • Accessories for fabrication removable jackets i.e. hooks, grommets, wire fabric


HKO GmbH was founded in 1974 by five employees in Oberhausen. Focus of the company was the distribution of heat protection products primarily using asbestos fibers for industrial applications. After asbestos fibers were classified as highly health damaging in the late seventies, the HKO Group pioneered in the development and establishment of glass fibers as asbestos replacement. Since then the HKO Group has continuously advanced to be one of the leading specialty suppliers in the industry. The small trading company developed in only 40 years to an internationally established, vertically integrated manufacturer with a comprehensive product portfolio for extreme high temperature ranges. Customer proximity and customer service are further benchmarks of the HKO Group in order to ensure intelligent and appropriate problem solutions for our customers developed by qualified and motivated employees.