Rope and Packing for 350°C

Most of rope and packing for 350 °C usage are produced from pure aramid fiber or aramid fiber mixed with other materials, depending on customers’ requirements. The advantage of aramid fiber is light and durable plus no irritation when touching. The trademark in this category from HKO is Hakamid®

Rope and Packing for 550°C

Rope and packing in this category are suitable for using around 550 °C as service temperature. They are produced from high-quality E-glass fiber which has excellent property for long-time withstanding high temperature. E-glass fiber also has one important property, electrical resistance. Rope and packing in this group are widely used in general industries and known as Thermo-E-glass.

Rope and Packing for 750°C

Silontex® is trademark for rope and packing in this category. It’s manufactured from calcium silicate by special twisted production, so it has excellent properties for both abrasive and high-temperature resistance, comparing to general E-glass fiber. Silontex® is only produced from 6 micron fibers which is safer for user’s health than smaller one (less than 6 micron) – tested and certified by Aachen University and BIA (Federal Institute of Industrial Safety).

Rope and Packing for 1,000°C

Several industries and factories really need rope and packing that can resist temperature up to 1,000 °C – this rang of temperature exceeds performance of general fiberglass products. Rope and packing from Hakotherm®-1200 and CMS-BIO are developed and produced to serve 1,000 °C service temperature works. Besides high-temperature usage, these rope and packing are excellent for abrasive resistance. They are also widely used for sealing in the area which has some chemical and acid.