1. Fabrics with aluminium/ stainless steel foil
– one-sided laminated to fabrics
– abrasion and flex resistant
– high thermal radiation reflection capacity depending on the foil material
– maximum application temperature:
standard approx. 170 °C contact heat, higher resistance after initial exposure
– available in smooth, perforated, coarse grain, and embossed finishes

2. Fabrics with aluminium-pigmented transfer foil
– one-sided aluminium pigmentation film
– flexible and smooth
– abrasion and flex resistant
– good thermal radiation reflection capability
– variants: mat or mirror finish

3. Fabrics with AL-PES foil
– one-sided lamination of polyester foil vapor-barrier with aluminium on one or two sides of 6 micron or 12 micron thickness
– good thermal radiation reflection capability
– good media resistance, gas-tight
– maximum contact heat approx. 180 °C to 200 °C
– maximum application temperature:
standard approx. 170 °C, higher possible after exposure

4. Fabrics with self-adhesive coating
– available with option of paper foil liner, or scrim
– higher strength and cut resistance
– protection against fraying
– excellent as an assembly aid
– available with different temperature resistance upon request

• Heat-protection, heat-reflective curtain
• Fabric expansion joints with edged particles inside
• Removable, thermal insulation blankets
• Heat shields on blowers or ovens
• Cover fabrics for steam pipes
• Edged-protection gloves

Sample of fabrics:
• TG430/9KK PE Foil 6 micron 1-Side
• TG1000/9L AL Foil 10 micron 1-Side
• HM600/K Aluminized Matt 1-Side
• HM370SK Aluminized Gloss 1-Side

Type Color Weaving Treatment Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m2) Image
TG 430/9KK White Cross Twill PE Foil 6 µm
1000-1500 0.45 470
TG 1000/9L White Plain AL Foil 10 µm 1-Side 1000-2000 1.30 1060
HM 600/K (85/15) Yellow Twill Aluminized
1-Side Matt
1000-1500 1.70 710
HM 370 SK Yellow Zigzag Twill Aluminized
1-Side Gloss
1000 1.30 510