1. PTFE-coated fabrics
– one-sided/ two-sided coating based on PTFE
– excellent anti-adhesive properties
– low friction coefficient
– temperature resistance : -25 °C to +260 °C or higher in short time
– available in multiple color
– variants : static (gray), antistatic (black)

2. Standard-silicone-coated fabrics
– one-sided/ two-sided coating with silicone rubber with high load capacity even under extreme mechanical, thermal and electrical influences.
– good for light, UV, and oxidation resistance
– considerable resistance to acids and alkaline solutions, weatherproof
– good dirt-and oil-repellent effect, good electrical insulation
– temperature resistance from approx. -50 °C to +250 °C with excellent flexibility
– different color setting possible

3. Transfer-silicone-coated fabrics
– one-sided coating using the transfer process
– surface : closed or uniform, mat or glossy, smooth or structured

4. High-temperature-silicone-coated fabrics
– improved temperature resistance from approx. -50 °C to +300 °C
– short time (1 hour) to approx. +350 °C
– different color setting possible

5. Oleophobic fabrics
– impermeable to oil at room temperature for 3 months
(certified by HKO laboratory test method)
– oil resistance with grade 8 ensured on non-annealed materials
(based on AATCC 118)
– no change with respect to flammability
– olephobic properties resist organic acid concentrations common in practical applications, hard water, and commercial diesel or gasoline fuels
– long-term temperature resistance up to 200 °C (4 hours) and short-term 300 °C (1 hour)
– slight color changes possible after high temperature exposure

• Fabrics for removable, insulation blankets (weatherproof)
• Fabric expansion joints, and fabric bellow for hydraulic tubes
• Heavy-duty welding blankets (less dust)
• Passive fireproof protection for valves and actuators
• Heat-protection and flame-retardant sleeves for electrical and controlled wires
• Energy-saving insulation jackets

Sample of fabrics:
• TG430/9KK 100/100 SR – Silicone Rubber Coated 2-Side
• TG430/9KK PTFE Antistatic – PTFE Coated 1-Side
• TG660/9A FT – Silicone Rubber Coated 1-Side
• TG1000/9L 500/500 Red – Silicone Rubber Coated 2-Side

Type Color Weaving Treatment Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m2) Image
TG 430/9KK
100/100 SR
Grey/Grey Cross Twill Silicone Coated 2-Side 1000-2000 0.44 590
TG 660/9A
1-Side FT
White/Grey Satin 1/7 Grey Silicone Coated 1-Side 1000 0.80 860
TG 950/9KK
350 SRF
Cross Twill Grey Silicone Coated 1-Side 1000-2000 1.60 1300
TG 1000/9L
500/500 Red
Plain Red Silicone Coated 2-Side 1000 1.90 2000
TG 1000/9KK
1-Side SR Red
Plain Red Silicone Coated 1-Side 1000 1.60 1300