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• What is different between sewing thread with and without steel wire reinforced?
A: Sewing thread with steel wire reinforced has small steel wire twisted with aramid yarn. Steel wire reinforced sewing thread (Inox) is stronger and stiffer than normal thread. Inox or steel wire will resist heat radiation and heat transfer and will also […]

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About Thermal Sleeve

• What is standard length of your thermal sleeve?
A: Our thermal sleeve has relation between inner diameter and length per roll. In general, its standard length is 20, 25, 50, and 100 meters per roll.

• What is the smallest and biggest diameter of thermal sleeve’s production?
A: It depends on types of thermal sleeve, […]

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About Thermal Insulation

• What is different between “needle mat” and “ceramic fiber blanket”?
A: Thermo E-glass needle mat is produced from high-quality E-glass fiber (98% purity), and it has excellent property of electrical insulation. Its average density is 160 kg/m3 compare to 128 kg/m3 of general ceramic fiber blanket, so needle mat can retain its shape and […]

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About Tape and Webbing

• What are the widths and thicknesses of your thermal tape?
A: Standard widths from our production are 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 mm, and common thickness are 2, 3, and 4-5 mm.

• Is it necessary to have 1-sided adhesive on the back of thermal tape?
A: It depends on […]

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About Rope and Packing

• What are the materials using in the production of rope and packing?
A: Our rope and packing are woven from aramid fiber, glass fiber, and calcium-silicate fiber, so customers can use them from 300-1,000 °C as service temperature.

• What is the smallest and biggest diameter of your heat-protection rope?
A: Smallest diameter is 3 mm, […]

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About Heatproof Fabric

• Could you please recommend heat-protection fabric for welding protection?
A: We have several types of fabric for heat-protection purpose, but for welding blankets we’d like to recommend G-Tec fabrics or high-silica fabrics e.g. HS1250AR (only vermiculite coated) or HS1250AR-Alufix (vermiculite coated with 1-side Alufix). Theses recommended fabrics are abrasive resistant and widely used for […]

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High-temperature treatment

• Flame resistant inorganic treatment up to approx. 600 °C
• Soft touch, dust-binding
• Increased slip resistance

• Flame-resistant treatment up to approx. 700 °C
• Permanent temperature resistance, short-term up to approx. 750 °C
• High slip and cut resistance
• Different color settings possible

• Inorganic, white special treatment for short-term temperature loads of up to 900 °C
• […]

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Available laminations

Aluminum and stainless steel foil
• One-sided bonded to fabrics or needle mats
• Abrasion and flex resistant
• High thermal radiation reflection capacity depending on the foil material
• Maximum application temperature: standard approx. 170 °C contact heat, higher resistance after initial exposure
• Available in smooth, perforated, coarse grain, and embossed finishes

Aluminum-pigmented transfer foil
• One-sided aluminum pigmentation […]

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Heat protection-fabrics with silicone coating

• one-sided/two-sided coating with silicone rubber with high load capacity even under extreme mechanical,
thermal and electrical influences
• good light, UV, and oxidation resistance
• considerable resistance to acids and alkaline solutions, weatherproof
• good dirt-and oil-repellent effect, good electrical insulation

Types of silicone rubber
Standard silicone
• temperature resistance from approx. -50 °C to approx. +250 °C with excellent […]

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Our heat-protection products

The product portfolio of technical textiles ranges from narrow textiles, fabrics, needle mats,
3-D molded components to textile special solutions. Broad-based and innovative solutions for thermal treatment,
coating and lamination are the spearhead of the outcome of our R&D and the guarantee for the technological market

You can safely trust product spectrum for temperature ranges of 350 […]

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